Xiaomi launches MI user interface 7

Chinese handset maker #Xiaomi on Wednesday launched a new and seventh user interface (UI) for its smartphones and a theme pack for designers — MUSE.

As a part of the UI, which will go live on all Xiaomi phones sold in India on Monday, the Chinese handset-maker has integrated games and animations particularly from the domain of cricket and Bollywood.

Country head Manu Jain tweeted that Xiaomi launched four system UIs — Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.

The move assumes significance as the new UI launches will complete the circle for the Chinese handset-maker to penetrate the budget and mid-range smartphone market in India on which it had exponentially grown its user base.

Speaking about the new product’s launch, Xiaomi global’s vice president Hugo Barra, said: “MIUI 7 is a fresh take on our immensely popular operating system supported by over 150 million users. With so many new enhancements, you will be able to feel the difference the moment you power on the phone.”

Coming with several other features, the new UI also supports 10 Indian languages.

“Devices running the new UI can see up to 30 percent faster response time while launching apps and at least 10 percent of better battery life in daily usage,” Barra said.

The phone will come with a data saving technology from the house of Opera Max which will help users save at least 50 percent of data. Other features include visual IVR, smart SMS filter and quick one time password (OTP), developed in India.

While visual IVR dramatically reduces the time to navigate automated voice menus when the user calls a customer care line, the smart SMS filter intelligently filters service messages into a separate notification tab in the inbox.

The quick OTP feature is to aid users who are heavy on e-commerce sites to make the transaction process easier.


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