play store app now in start 10 rupees

NEW DELHI, In a move to attract a larger audience, Internet giant Google on Friday said that apps on the Android Play Store can now be priced at Rs.10.

Till date, developers had the option of either making the app completely free and earning through in-app purchases or pricing the app at Rs.50.

“India continues to be a major growth opportunity for developers to reach new users on Google Play. We’ve heard feedback from you – ‘our global developer community’ – that you’d like more flexibility when choosing how much to charge for your apps and games in India,” Alistair Pott, product manager at Google Play, wrote in a blog post.

“Starting today, developers can reduce the price of their premium titles and in-app products, to as low as Rs. 10. We hope this additional lower price tier will allow you to reach more users in India and help you continue to build successful businesses on Google Play,” he added.

The move assumes significance as these introducing changes will make app-making more relevant and enticing for developers and consumers. For developers, the move will ensure that they reach a wider audience.

“The ability to price apps as low as Rs.10 should please both developers, who will now be able to target a wider audience,and Google Play India users, who will now see cheaper apps,” Pott said.

“You can lower the price of your apps and games right away by visiting the Google Play Developer Console and clicking on ‘Pricing & Distribution’ or ‘In-app Products’ on the left menu,” he added.

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  • August 2, 2015 9:33 pm at 9:33 pm

    The ability to price apps as low as Rs. 10 should please both developers and users.


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