Apple will reportedly add new iPod models next week

Apple Inc., the maker of the iPhone and iPad, hasna™t forgotten the good  iPod Touch. In fact, several news agencies, including The Telegraph, have reported that the multimedia-music player category will receive a big refresh next week.

In addition, the influential tech company is expected to unveil new models of iPod Shuffle and the iPad Nano.

To draw buyers, Apple™s upcoming iPod Touch will reportedly offer 64-bit processor, or the processor in the iPhone 5S. The music player with touchscreen display is also expected to include an improved back-facing camera, and additional storage option — including models with 128GB non-expandable internal storage.

This round of updates in the Apple mill should not have surprised anyone. Apple in June launched the revamped version of its Music App with Spotify-like services. Instead of just locking people with pay-before-download music files, the tech giant’s music app now offers unlimited music streaming (with Taylor Swift) for $9.99 per month, or $14.99 for the family option which supports up to six users.

Adding new, inexpensive iPod Touch models with new bells and whistles could help the new Apple Music rake in additional revenue from new subscribers — although the new Apple music player player is also coming to Android this fall.

Meanwhile on the web, experts also suggest that Apple might use the new iPods to sell more Beats Music-branded headsets and earphones.

The new reports about the iPod refresh also comes as Apple introduces the new build for the iOS, a beta preview, and it highlights the company’s first attempt in the online news business.

The iPod Touch with 16GB is currently sporting the price tag of $199, $249 for the 32GB option, and the 64GB model at $299.

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