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When is Google’s 20th birthday – and why are people so confused about the date?

Google celebrates its birthday on September 27, but when you actually google its special day, the results can be misleading.

The domain was registered on September 15, 1997.

And the company wasn’t registered as a business until September 4, 1998 – a few days after the first Google doodle of a stick man appeared.

According to Google, it changed its birthday in 2002. Other search engines say the switch was made in 2005, hence the confusion.

Who started Google?

Before it became the company that has defined the era of the internet, Google evolved out of an academic project started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

In 1995, the then PhD students at Stanford University were interested in the mathematical properties of the world wide web and made it the focus of their major academic paper.

The following year they built an early internet search engine at and on September 4, 1998, they launched the service we now take for granted almost every day.

There’s a lot you would know about the company that has come to dominate internet search, digital advertising, tech software and hardware, but also a lot you probably don’t.

For example, to maintain Google’s vast lawns at its headquarters in Mountain View, California, the company hires hungry goats.

In 2009, the company posted a blog post detailing how it employed a herd of about 200 goats to mow the grass around its campus.

Will there be a new Doodle?

So far, Google has not revealed a 20th birthday Doodle – though one could be imminent.

Google’s Doodles are the engine’s way of recognising culturally significant events and people.

A relevant image appears on the Google logo on the homepage, with recent images including a tribute to the 20th century German artist, Oskar Schlemmer.

The very first Google Doodle was of a stick man in 1998 to mark Page and Brin’s trip to that year’s Burning Man Festival.

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