Dismissal of Yakub plea widely hailed

With the Supreme Courtâ`s refusal to rethink the curative petition of 1993 blast convict Yakub Memon, blast victims and also the judicial team UN agency 1st sentenced him within the trial stage,welcome his expected execution on Gregorian calendar month thirty.

“This may be a right call, however it’s return twenty two years too late. If you penalize even one person, others won’t commit constant crime. That’s why we must always penalize. I don’t have any personal enmity with Yakub Memon and his crime has nothing to try to to with Maine, however thereought to be a system. Had he been penalized at the correct time, different blasts wouldn’t have taken place. Delay isn’t a justification, however a minimum of there’s a satisfaction that a lesson are going to be learnt,” Kirti Ajmera, a victim, told The Hindu.

Yakub, younger brother of Dawood patriarch aide and alleged blast mastermind Tiger Memon, is that the 1st suspect of the serial blasts UN agency is about to be dead.

Mr. Ajmera was badly out of action in an exceedingly powerful blast close to the urban centersecurities market, one in every of the thirteen bomb explosions that ripped through Bombay. Intwenty two years, he underwent forty operations with no government support. “We failed to getsomething from the govt. despite many appeals. i used to be thirty six years recent in 1993 andnowadays i’m fifty eight. I couldn’t provides a correct education to my kids,” he said. He questioned the delay in nabbing Tiger and underworld don Dawood patriarch.

“The government ought to move seriously on extraditing them. this could be a priority,” he said.

Justice (retired) P.D. Kode, UN agency 1st sentenced Yakub to death in 2007 because the special TADA choose, aforementioned the Supreme Court’s call came as “a solace to Indian voters.”

“Ultimately, the executing is that the extreme, given within the rarest of the rare cases. it had beengiven for a terrorist activity. The 1993 trial was aforementioned to be the longest trial. the event from the Supreme Court shows that such trials square measure swimmingly conducted in our country and brought to their logical finish. It shows that the Indian judiciary takes human rights violations and miscarriage of justice seriously,” Justice (retd.) Kode told The Hindu.

Meanwhile, Ujjwal Nikam, special lawyer of the 1993 blasts, aforementioned the apex court had sent “an necessary message of deterrence.” “Yakub was attempting to prolong his executing. currentlythere’s no legal impediment in his execution. this may send a robust signal across the border,” Mr. Nikam said.

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