Rs.25,085 crore outflow for mutual funds in June

Indian mutual funds saw a net outflow of Rs.25,085 crore in June, as per data published by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI).

According to AMFI, investors took out a net Rs.25,085 crore last month and bulk of it was from liquid/money market schemes.

However the net inflow for the current year till date stands at Rs.85,727 crore up from Rs.86,369 crore logged during previous year’s corresponding period.

Equity and gold exchange traded funds attracted net inflows of Rs.12,273 crore.

The income and balanced fund schemes logged net inflow of Rs.10,280 crore.

The total assets under management of the mutual funds at the end of June 2015 stands at Rs.11, 73,294 crore, states AMFI.

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