What SHE wishes HE knew about romance

Many a time it is a confusion to men waht their lady love on bed.Is it all about having funn or just emotional backup. Here is tips to know what exactly she wants.Check out the advice from expert.

In order to feel like romance, I need to be emotionally turned on, as well as physically stimulated.
Words are aphrodisiacs to me. If you want more romance, talk to me more.

The more housework you do, the more I will feel like love. I’ll be less tired and will feel more like an equal partner than a slave.
I also want to initiate romance but I don’t have time to work up an appetite if you make a move on me daily.

It takes me longer to orgasm than you and it’s more difficult. Don’t rush me.
Be gentler. My skin is thinner and more sensitive than yours. What feels normal to you, often hurts me.

Don’t assume I only want romantic love. I’m also up for wilder, lustier romance now and then.
Don’t hassle me for romance after I’ve said no. It makes me feel unsexy, rather than turned on.
Accept that I’m probably not going to orgasm purely through intercourse. I need stimulation of the clitoris by your hand or a vibrator. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy intercourse, it’s just the way my body is designed.

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