Rules for those who have a no-strings-attached fling

No strings attached Affair rules to Follow! You meet a guy, you’re insanely attracted, you start to see each other and have lots of wild crazy sex…
Then you fall in love and your emotional needs stifle the excitement and replace your abundantly sexy carefree attitude with fear. Fear manifests itself in insecurities as jealousy and all-round out-of-characterbehaviour.

Before you know it, the vibe has completely been altered and suddenly you’re ‘a couple’. Everything is being taken for granted between you both.

This wasn’t quite what you had in mind when you first hopped into bed with your stud-muffin though, was it?
We may be women with emotional needs, but we don’t all necessarily want things to develop in that fashion, or to that extent every single time, do we girls?
Sometimes we would just like to indulge in a prolonged casual affair with a hot guy, and not have to worry that our hormones are going to take over at some unannounced point and dictate where the relationship goes next.

How do you get it to stay right where it is, for as long as you want it to?

Follow these 5 rules for lovers who want to have no-strings sex without the complications, and you shouldn’t go far wrong…

Rule 1: Do not get romantic about casual sex

There is absolutely no point in telling yourself that all you want is to have ongoing casual sex with a guy when you know that deep down you are a hopeless romantic.

You can’t suppress your natural instincts, they are just too strong. Casual sex only seems to work if your head is in the right place and your circumstances seem to suit it.

Casual sex isn’t really the same as having a steamy passionate ongoing affair either, in fact anything that require too much ‘attachment’ shouldn’t be considered as ‘casual’ – makes sense really.
Rule 2: Be clear about what you want from the beginning

Make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve and why. This is so important.

You need to be able to define exactly what you are doing, and then be able to be clear about your boundaries with your lover so that there are no misunderstandings and you can just focus on enjoying yourselves.

Casual sex requires honesty and confidence.

Rule 3: Get the balance right
Too much of a good thing can be addictive. If you get addicted to the sex, to the point of prioritising it over other things that should be important in your life, then you lose control of a good thing.

The ‘good thing’ about enjoying a casual sexual relationship with someone is that it enhances your life and enjoyment, not that it takes over.

If you don’t get the balance right then casual sex can become emotionally dangerous and people will get hurt.

Rule 4: Free your inhibitions

This is your opportunity to explore your sexuality, so don’t be hung up on moral ideals or proper behaviour.

A casual fling is the one time you get to have amazing sex and not worry whether it conforms to your standards of behaviour in a relationship.

One problem with relationships is that the freedom to be you can sometimes be influenced by your understanding of perceived roles within a relationship.
Rule 5: Protect yourself

It goes without saying really that if you are having casual sex then you need to play it safe and make sure you are using the right contraception.

Babies and STI’s are two things likely to deflate the appeal of a casual sex relationship far more quickly than the interference of emotional expectations!

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