How to keep ROMANCE alive…

If love is a many-splendored thing–a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic experience that’s different for every couple—then so is the romantic time.

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Going Down Memory Lane

Make a playlist of all the romantic songs that you both like. In fact, it needn’t be romantic – as long as you both have special memories associated

with them. Let them play at random while you fish out old picture albums on a lazy weekend afternoon – or maybe go through the digital pictures uploaded on your computer of parties and vacations of yesteryears. Order out from your favorite place and pour 2 glasses of your favorite drink.

Food For Love

This has always been the epitome of a romantic meal – though it will be more special if both of you cook it together. It doesn’t matter if one of you is not that

great a cook – cooking a meal together is romantic not when it is about the perfection, but about the process. Make it more special by getting your lady some flowers, bringing out the best china and maybe even dressing up for the special meal. The final touch – light the scented candles – and you have your own private candlelight dinner.

Movie Time

Convert a weekend into a romantic moviemarathon instead of going out for the latest flick in the multiplex. Rent your favorite movies – and not all

couples thrive on romantic ones either. What ‘Saw VI’ or ‘Paranormal Activity’ does for one couple, the ‘Terminator’ or the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series does for another. As long as both of you cuddle up in the couch for some quality time, it doesn’t matter what’s playing on the screen!

Romantic Notes

Romancing at home need not be a particular activity either. You can add romance in your day-to-day lives with little things. Leaving small notes by the

bedside or on the dresser mirror will let your woman know that you are thinking of her when she is not around. These are tiny acts of love that take minimum efforts – but the gains are maximum. (Image Credit: Shutterstock)Thus, it is not necessary for committed couples to rekindle their romance by heading out for a vacation.

Birds Of A Feather

There has got to be an activity both of you like doing around the house, and not just the bedroom! Be it watching wrestling, or reading – maybe even just

being lazy, it helps you connect with your girl at a deeper level subconsciously. It does not take an expert to tell you that doing activities together boost up the strength of the relationship. While it is not always easy to zero in on such an activity, it could very well be the holy grail of ‘romance at home’ – if and when you do discover it.

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