How to HUG it out!

Today is “HUG DAY”, 5th day of Valentines week. So it’s needless to say that Sometimes a HUG is all you need to make you feel better and today he or she is expecting a hug (better HUG) from you! Hugs need to be given Properly. Glue your eyes here as we’re teaching you a good way to Hug it out your loved ones.
For ‘THE HUG’ Here a couple things to keep in mind:
1.   Humans are meant to have two arms.  Therefore, all hugs must be given using both arms.  None of this dumb one-armed “sidehug” crap.

2.  Height ratio is important and should be acted upon accordingly.  Particularly in couples with a large height difference, the participants should attempt to counter this as best they can.  Tippy toes and bent knees are key.

3.  Because of the different body types between men and women, hugging style must be tailored to suit the gender of the participants.

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