How to get rid of Nail Breakage

Every woman dreams of having the well-maintained and beautiful nails. But, this

dream remains a dream for many as most of the women face the nail breakage

while performing household work or even during clipping them improperly. Here

are some of the tips to avoid the nail breakage. Check out-

Always File in One Direction

It is one of the most common methods to avoid breakage in nails. When you file

nails in both the directions, it puts a lot of pressure on tip of nails, which tends to

break it.

Keep Nails Painted with Something

It is a tested formula that if you are going to apply a top coat or even a nail polish

over your nails, it will keep your nails protected from the environmental damage.

It will strengthen your nails and provide a good resistance against the breakage

when you perform tasks such as scrubbing, washing clothes, etc.

Take Care of Wet Nails

When your nails are wet, avoid doing work, especially hard physical work during

the first hour of nail enamel application. Wet nails are more fragile and tend to

break more easily than the dried ones.

Condition Your Nails Regularly

The way your hair, face, and body needs conditioning, your nails also need to be

conditioned on a regular basis. Your nails get dried and hard due to

environmental factors, enamel application, and such other factors. In such a

situation, you should condition them effectively by applying a nail crème and

leave them overnight so that it can moisturize them and improve their texture,

making them healthier and stronger.

Use a Good Quality Clipper

Many women end up buying cheap nail clippers from the market and high-end

nail products. Remember that it is essential to buy a good quality clipper. Good

quality clippers give your nails a proper shape and cut in just one cut, and no

layers of nails and peeling skin is left post clipping. So, invest in getting a good

clipper from a market.

Do Not Treat Nails as a Tool

Many of you must have treated nails as a tool for opening a screw or cleaning

your ears. Please do not use your nails to perform all these tasks as it tends to

break your nails apart.

Soak off

Many of you try to remove the nail enamel by rubbing the nail polish remover,

soaked in cotton, harshly over nails. Do not rub it harshly as it may also become a

cause of weakening of your nails. Rather, put soaked cotton and leave it over your

nails for a minute as it will dissolve the nail polish. Then rub it gently and you will

notice that enamel is being removed effectively and easily.

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