How to Make That “First Move” (for Women)

Ok, so you’ve been on three dates together and you’re ready for something a little bit more, er, “mature.” How do you go about making that first move? This article will explore that important, terrifying step.

Women expect that you know when to make your move. Further, they expect you to be sophisticated and smooth about it. Clumsy, boyish behavior doesn’t fit with her image of being “swept off her feet”, and you don’t really want this critical step to end in laughter!

Frankly, this is a lot easier for women. You probably already know what to do. Here’s a checklist:

1) Make sure you’re ready.

If you’re trying to seduce him just because you’re afraid of losing him, you’re not in the best place and should reconsider. Also, you should carry condoms on you. Remember – you both are responsible for preventing the spread of disease and unwanted children!

2) Don’t worry about him – he’s ready!

3) Ask him to go some place more private – like your place

You don’t really need to go into anything more than this – the invitation is all that’s necessary.

4) Let him know that you’re ready

If you’re not comfortable just telling him (few women are!), let him know in other ways. Use open body language, get close to him and use physical contact, lay your head on this chest, use eye contact, talk “love”, etc.

5) Important – give the conversation a break!

This is the most often missed aspect of the first move. If he is politely listening to you and you go on and on without a break – where’s he supposed to jump in? If you’re nervous, this is especially difficult. Just try to be aware of your conversation.

6) There is nothing wrong with you making the first move

You absolutely can put your hands on either side of his face and kiss him. In fact, some men actually wait for this because they don’t know when to make a move themselves. You can even tell him that you’re ready.

7) Feeling bold?

I’ve had many women tell me that they were ready by standing up and stripping for me, or take off their blouse and turn to walk into the bedroom. I mean, how obvious do you need to get? If this doesn’t work for him, you’ve got the wrong guy!

8) Help him along

This is a strange thing to say, but many women don’t understand that their men might not know what to do – or at least what you like. If you don’t tell him (or subtly show him), how’s he going to know? Believe me, men don’t read minds!

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