Don’t Miss It: 4 best unusual dating ideas!

Plannig a unique dating can be a tough job for you as your girl would not like to repeat those boring ideas.. it’s time to give her the best of YOU by implimenting these ideas in your romance world.

Book a masseuse to come home and give you both a massage. Book a massage session for yourself and your girlfriend and have fun as the both of you unwind. You can look up a local masseuse and ask him/her to come home and give you both a nice and long rub. The best thing about this quirky date idea is that you get to be in the comfort of your own home and avoid spending the hundreds of dollars in expensive spas and massage parlors.

Go take part in a hobby related club for a day. With your girlfriend, zero in on a hobby club that sounds interesting to the both of you. It can be a poetry club, music club, reading club, movie club, karaoke club or any other hobby club that you can think of. Finding such groups can be as simple as going to Google and searching ‘San Francisco book clubs’.

Have an online date with your girlfriend. Regardless of whether you live in the same neighborhood, suburb or city, fix up an online date with your girlfriend. You can wear your good clothes and speak to each other on video chat. You may find this unusual date idea a little boring at first but there are many things that you both can do while speaking to each other online.

Sent up a tent in your backyard and plan a sleepover with your girlfriend. Have you ever thought that sleeping over in your own backyard with your girlfriend can be a lot more fun than sleeping over in your own room? Pretend as if you’re away camping, set up a tent, use a portable stove and the works. But don’t dilute the fun by suddenly deciding to go watch TV inside the house. Lock yourselves out of the house and enjoy the outdoors for a night.

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