Date like a Player…Why it’s SMART?

As our expert explains, playing the field just might be the best way to find true love.

Playing the field gets a bad rap. Well, unless you’re a guy. Guys who date multiple people at once are considered either womanizers and players or Casanovas. Women who do the same thing are usually called sl*ts. But the sexist double standard isn’t the only problem with shaming a person for dating around. Playing the field just might be the best way to find true love.

Ask yourself what you want out of this. Chances are he won’t stick around long enough for a real relationship, so if you have a fantasy of you two getting married and having some kids, wake up. Be prepared to accept that he is a player! If you know that you can handle him, move on to the next step.

Get his interest. What type of girl does he like? The good girl, the virgin, the bookworm, the popular girl, the bimbo, or the wild rebellious girl? Find out and do it. Yes, you may have to change who you are if you want to date a player. If you don’t want to change yourself, go back to dating regular guys.

Mentally prepare. Players are players because they act like girls are replaceable. Get ready–he will most likely treat you in the same way. Be ready to walk away from the relationship, and/or be used and dumped by him.

Play it cool. Do not be like every other dispensable girl in the room. Waste no time flattering his ego, because it’s already big enough.

NEVER ask him out. Wait for him to ask you out. If he is not totally out of your reach (eg, he’s the hottest guy around, you’re chubby and he’s into skinny girls), at some point when he sees you hanging around him enough he might ask you out. In general guys like girls that are more familiar.

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