Brilliant ways to Steal a Guy from his Gf!

Guys are easy to manipulate because they usually fall hard for appearances and good lookers. After all, more often than not, a guy falls in love more for the physical appearance than emotional security.

While it’s easy to make a guy like you at first sight, it isn’t easy to steal a guy away or make him fall in love with you because men pay a lot of attention to emotional needs too.

Here are ten little steps that can help you understand how to steal a guy. Use these pointers and you’ll see the difference in no time.

1 Look your best around him

Men are suckers for good looking girls, but that really doesn’t mean you need a perfectly symmetrical face or a perfect ten body. Of course, they would help a lot. But it’s not all that matters.

Dress well and appear confident, and as long as you believe you look sexy, you WILL look sexy. We don’t need to say this all the time, but some of the sexiest women on earth aren’t really the prettiest. They just ooze sex appeal because they’re so confident and happy with their own physique. Feel good about yourself and look good, especially when you’re around him and he’d definitely notice how good you are as a dating potential.

2 Play the staring game

Now that we’ve got his attention, it’s time to let him know that something’s brewing in the air. Stare at him now and then, and just as he catches you looking, look away in a cute and coy manner. Do this even if both of you already know each other.

Make him curious subtly and make him wonder if you like him. Guys love attention, especially from a great looking girl. He may already have a girlfriend, but that won’t stop him from giving you a thought. If you do want to know how to steal a guy, you need to make him wonder and think about you.

3 Win the attention of his friends

Men are competitive and every single guy wants to be the alpha male in the group. It’s not possible, but all guys try. Have pleasant, flirty conversations with his friends without really bordering into sleazy, and win their attention.

If you’ve managed to make a great impression on his guy friends, chances are, the next time you wave and walk past them, they’re all going to talk about you and how cute and awesome you are.

4 Bring out his protective side

Guys are protective by instinct. If you want to know how to steal a guy, you need to use this in your favor and make him appreciate you a lot more. The next time you’re having a conversation with him or walking down a street, take his help.

If you’re talking to him, rest your palm on his forearm to adjust your heel straps. If you’re walking down a path, pretend like the books in your hand are heavy and wait for him to offer to carry them for you. If you’re trying to cross a street, clasp his hand for assistance. And always thank him for being so sweet with a cute-as-a-button smile even if he didn’t realize he was being helpful. It’ll make him feel good to be around you, especially when you appreciate his company so much.

5 His girlfriend vs. you

This is a big deal. To understand how to steal a guy, you need to understand his girlfriend’s strengths and weaknesses. Speak to a few friends discreetly or snoop around on her social networking pages and try to find out more about his girlfriend. What kind of a person is she and what kind of differences do they have?

Even the best of couples have a few differences. Your covert operation is to find out what those differences are and which of them you can use to your advantage.

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