Pregnancy stretch marks matter of concern for expectant moms !

The ever-changing physical look could be a matter of concern for brand spanking new and expecting mothers and, in keeping with a brand new survey, they’re most disturbed regarding stretch marks.

According to a scrumptious Mummy Survey by AC Nielsen cluster, eighty seven % of recent and expecting moms-to-be in India agree that they worry regarding their physical appearances throughout and post physiological condition. Moreover, ninety % of recent and expecting mothers agree that stretch marks ar one amongst the foremost worrisome problems with reference to their appearance.

The survey, conducted in metros and non-metros within the country, additionally uncovered that there ar many myths around stretch marks. For instance: seventy five % of respondents believe stretch marks seem solely on the stomach.

However, specialist Kiran Coelho says: “It is common to develop stretch marks on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks.”

“Stretch marks will seem anyplace on the body, however it’s additional possible for them to create wherever larger amounts of fats ar keep within the body. although several of my patients worry regarding stretch marks, only a few ar tuned in to the facts,” Coelho aforementioned during a statement.

Stretch marks were found to cause not solely physical, however social challenges further. In India, wherever the standard frock is worn to most special occasions, seventy six % of the respondents agree that they assume carrying one throughout or post-delivery becomes a humiliation thanks to the visibility of stretch marks.

The survey even reveals that fifty two % of recent and expecting mothers feel that stretch marks don’t have any cure.

“Pregnancy stretch marks will be prevented by keeping the skin hydrous. Drink adequate water and eat foods that ar wealthy in fat-soluble vitamin like haywire, citrus fruits, bell peppers, etc. Use a dry oil that contains a mix of natural plant extracts like flower, lavender, rosemary and camomile along side vitamin A and E. Such oils get speedily absorbed into the skin while not let go a residue,” Coelho aforementioned. Courtesy – IANS

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