Powerful Reasons to start your day with Lemon Water

If you’re tired of drinking plain old water, I’ve got fifteen convincing reasons to drink lemon water, which is so much tastier and healthier for you! Plain water is my drink of choice because it has tons of health benefits and it’s calorie free. But, for those days you just want something a little different but even more beneficial, lemon water is the perfect alternative! Join me as I reveal fifteen great reasons to drink lemon water!

Clears Skin

One of the more convincing reasons to drink lemon water for most of us is that it can help keep our skin clear. Water on its own can help flush out toxins to keep skin clear, but the added vitamin C in lemons helps purge toxins from our blood to keep skin clear of blemishes and decrease fine lines and wrinkles!

Boosts Immune System

Another fab benefit of drinking lemon water is that helps boost our immune system. Who has time to get sick these days, right? The potassium in lemon juice helps control blood pressure, stimulate brain and nerve function and vitamin C helps fight colds. If you’re already sick, try sipping hot water with the juice of one lemon and some honey.

Weight Loss

Aside from helping our skin stay clear, balancing and boosting our health, lemon water also aids in weight loss! That’s right, drinking lemon water helps boost your metabolism, fight cravings, flush out water weight and curb hunger. Those are some powerful benefits from such a simple drink that we can have anytime!

Helps Respiratory Problems

If you experience respiratory problems like asthma or infections, lemon water is the ideal drink for you! Lemon water has antibacterial properties and helps get rid of infections of the chest and relieves coughs. Lemon water is also said to be a helpful natural remedy for allergies as it helps keep the body alkaline and more balanced.

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