Salman Khan to remake Chiranjeevi movie in Bollywood: Reports

The well known star and the soul of bollywood industry Salman Khan is now planning to do the remake of the movie Katthi. The movie is suggestd to salman by South's Mega Star Ram Charan.

But now a days, it seems Salman is taking more care in choosing the films for remake. For this, Ram Charan is suggesting Salman for some good movies. As of now, Charan will reportedly be seen in a remake of a recent Tamil blockbuster ‘Thani Oruvan’. 

Charan, who loved Thani Oruvan subject, suggested the same movie to Salman Khan to remake it in Bollywood. Even Salman reportedly gave a positive nod to Charan. Along with Thani Oruvan, Ram Charan even suggested Salman to remake Vijay’s Katthi, which is even in the news that, Mega Star Chiranjeevi is going to act in the Telugu remake of Katthi.  

We can see the coordination between both industry stars. This is really a very good news for both the industry.

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