Asin got engaged and got a rain worth rupees 6 core

Asin is soon to marry her boyfriend Rahul Sharma. They got engaged just recently, and it was then that Asin opened up about her relationship with him officially for the first time. Well, it wasn’t really an engagement, but a grand, romantic proposal… Aww!
Of course with a Bollywood engagement comes a big rock on the fingers too! And Asin’s is surely beautiful. Apparently, the beautiful engagement ring is a 20 carat solitaire, specially imported from Belgium. The value is Rs. 6 crore.
But that’s not it!
Rahul got done a monogram of ‘AR’ under the diamond and the band of the ring! And, by the way, the monogram is also made of diamonds.
He also got a personal message engraved on the ring…

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