Career Tips: My office working hours are ruining my life – how can I leave on time

Following Carrer Tips:

Plan to leave earlier than you need: Something will always crop up last minute to delay you

Make sure you’re prioritising: There’s nothing worse than staying late purely because everyone else is. If you’re putting in extra hours, emphasise productivity

Get some fresh air: you might think you have no time to take lunch, but a short break can clear your head and have a real impact on the afternoon’s productivity

Start saying “no”: If your day is crammed, be assertive and highlight your workload. If you need to, engage your boss and colleagues to ensure the right work is prioritised

Don’t over promise: If you’re asked to do a task just before leaving, clarify whether it can wait until morning
Keep your distance: It’s very easy to slip and respond to your Blackberry’s flashing light; if you find email encroaching into your evenings, set yourself a defined window to check what’s going on at work, and stick to it.

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