Sonakshi Sinha made for a lovely bride the cover photo shoot

When Sonakshi Sinha entered the industry she was not touted as the next bombshell of Bollywood who would take over the Box office with her sexiness. Instead she was the demure dame who was amassing fans with her grace and elegance. Ever since Sona’s fans have preferred seeing her in desi ensembles more than Western looks.

Sonakshi’s old world charm and her retro diva vibe makes her all the more appealing to her fans

Never one for adhering to what the “ideal” Bollywood heroine should look like, Jr Shotgun has carved her own path

We love her in this shoot of Femina Wedding Times. The photoshoot has been conducted by Rohan Shreshtha. Nikhil Thampi has styled Sona for the shoot.

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