Salman Khan launching in his home production, Loveyatri.

Bollywood Salman Khan has always been known to encourage fresh faces in Bollywood, be it Sonakshi Sinha to Sooraj Pancholi. His latest protégé is his brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma, whom he is launching in his SK production, Loveyatri.

Whispers of nepotism are already doing the rounds, and Salman is quoted by a leading daily as saying that he tried to distance himself from Aayush’s debut film for this very reason.

“That’s why I stayed as far away as possible. So much so that I was worried my sister (Arpita) will think I don’t like Aayush hence I’m not supporting him,” he said.

Rumours were rife that Salman would make a special appearance in Loveyatri, but he said that his presence does not guarantee a hit.

Taking the example of his promotional song for Hero, which tanked at the box office, he said, “These things do not translate into people going and watching the movie in theatres. So the film has to be good. The trailer and promos should bring urgency to seeing the film. After that it’s word of mouth.”

Salman knew that people would cry nepotism if he launched Aayush. “Aayush would have been launched by someone else if not me. He has been training really hard. I’ve worked with Abhiraj (Minawala, director of Loveyatri) in Sultan and saw he’s a very sorted guy so I thought this is the best time and best thing to do. I knew nepotism will become a talking point,” he said.

Having star connections does not help much, according to Salman. “Nepotism works only with bicycle-sellers or other professions, but in acting, no matter how much you push, it is only the audiences who decide your worth. There it doesn’t matter whose son you are. You could be the best looking guy and best actor but audience can reject you and you can have nothing,” he said.

Loveyatri, which also marks the debut of Warina Hussain, is slated to hit the theatres on October 5.

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