Easy tips to five-minute New Hairstyles

Look at these easy five-minute hairstyles for a quick hair fix and get ready to look gorgeous despite busy mornings and hectic schedules.

Okay, so we all want to look great regardless the event we need to attend and the time it takes to get ready. Whenever you’re facing a bad hair day but you’re still eager to reinvent your looks, remember that there’s no end to the creative possibilities you have when it comes to styling your long beautiful tresses. From tousled waves and messy half-ups to a quick ponytail or a loose chignon, you have so many options worth taking into consideration whenever you’re in a hurry.

So, if you want to feel stylish and cool every single day, you should definitely try these easy 5-minute hairstyles. Yes, these ‘dos are the go-to styles for a quick hair fix that will add interest to your appearance in an instant. And one quick way to transform your look is to use your curling iron and make some gorgeous, bouncy curls. You can create a sultry, messy ‘do or, on the contrary, leave the curls beautifully sculpted.

Another extremely simple technique to update your styling is to make a lovely braided headband that works amazing for both straight and curly hair. Accessorizing is another useful method that will make you stand out. Therefore, decorate your ‘do, have fun and add glam to a boring outfit!

Oh, did someone just said ponytail? The already legendary pony is the ultimate choice whenever we’re running out of time. High or low, messy or sleek, this timeless ‘do can save you from any styling crisis. Yet you can spice it a little bit by taking one hair section and wrap it around the pony’s base, perfectly camouflaging the elastic band. It looks incredibly sexy and achingly pretty. And speaking of cute things, you can never go wrong with a side braid that you can do in mere minutes.

Nothing says chic and sophisticated like a simple updo. Yes, even the easiest bun can glam up a girl’s appearance. There’s something about this style that makes it perfect for a wide range of occasions. You can opt for a flawlessly polished version but also for a tousled one. If you’re into updos, you should also try a top knot. You can avoid the uber-dressy approach and choose instead the easy way with breezy flyaways. Trust us, you’ll never go wrong with a chignon or a top knot!

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