Remedies for kids according astrology

Astrology is that the resolution fro several issues. over and over we tend to see that the women are suffering lots due to children’s. The suffer will be of assorted varieties, like not having kid or regular unwellness to kid and plenty of a lot of. thus there are some astro remedies for those women who are upset with chi-old connected problems-

If a girl does not conceive or the youngsters keeps dying among few days once birth then this remedy ought to be done.

Take an earthen pot, fill it with honey and bury it in a very ceremony ground on any weekday.
If the youngsters don’t live once taking birth then distribute salty preparation rather than sweets.

Till the age of five, create the fresh born kid wear recent garments, don’t cut his or her hair and do not call him/her by the actual name.

To increase memory and concentration of youngsters, add 2 teaspoons of unboiled milk within the water and provides bathtub to the kid with this water. this could be done a minimum of once every week.

In case of frequent nightmares, keep a bit of alum below the child’s pillow on a weekday or Sunday.

If the kid gets littered with look oft, create him/her wear a univalve (Kaudi) in black thread around neck.

If your kid stay sick most of the time then get a bangle made from AshtDhatu on weekday. Wash the bangle with Ganges water, apply Chinese-red thereon, recite hanuman chalisa whereas taking the bangle in hand then create the kid wear this bangle in hand.

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