Fengshui Gifts to generate positive energy

The Art of Feng Shui involves the placement of sacred objects in relationship to our surroundings. Feng Shui has become quite popular among a lot of demographics because of the fact that it provides an easier way of staying connected with spirituality, especially to promote one’s own life and luck. Today we will tell you about some of the best Feng Shui gifts that will help in showering the positive energy to your life. Check out some of them-

The frog with three legs and a coin in mouth will attract plenty of wealth into your home. Place the frog in any of the corners opposite to your front door for best effect. You can also place him in view of your front door. Every morning turn him towards the exterior.  Keep you frogs below the table, behind the couch or in other discreet areas of your home.

Laughing Buddha
The Laughing Buddha is well known symbol of happiness, wealth, kindness and innocent contented joy. It is believed that by rubbing his tummy each day, which is said to contain much wealth, will bring good luck and prosperity. Place a figurine of a laughing buddha in your living room and garden. The buddha is the most revered deity in the East.

Feng Shui books
Books can be wonderful gifts because you are passing on something that is valuable. Any person interested in feng shui would love to learn more about it and books are pretty much unisexual gifts. These books are easily available and they will help people put together their own feng shui home, the way they want to.

Feng shui compass
Compasses are actually quite important objects in feng shui. The compass has come to be considered as a sacred object of feng shui, something that encompasses all the important knowledge pointed out by this spiritual guide.

Etched Globe
This beautiful etched crystal Globe rests on a crystal stand that the Globe can spin on. The most auspicious place for this etched Globe is in the Northeast direction of your home or office. If you sping the Globe gently three times every day before noon, it will help to encourage the circulation of positive chi’. Place the etched Globe on your desk and let it help clear your mind to gain new knowledge and to help you pass your academic exams.

Sailing ships for wealth
It Enhance prosperity luck with a wealth ship sailing into your home or office. Returning home triumphant from its various conquests, the prosperity ship docks into you ‘harbor’ bearing wonderful treasures and other valuables as trophies symbolizing its many victories. Display the wealth ship sailing into your house from your shen chi direction. Fill your ship with coins, ingots, crystals andother treasures to symbolize a wealth ship laden with money. Place metal ships in the northwest or wes, wooden ships in the each or southeast, crystal ships in the northeast or southwest.

Crystal lotus
Crystal lotus becomes an even more powerful attractor of business and prosperity luck. Display this crystal lotus in the center of your store or in the heart of your home and you will fnd your wealth increasing through extra income. Place it in your office in the same manner and you will find yourself closing more deals as it can help you to clear obstacles so that you get the upper hand in business negotiations. If you are seeking a perfect partner, place a Crystal Lotus in your romance area to symbolize a perfect union.

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