Effective Astrology way to get your spouse

If you believe in astrology then surely you will like the article which gives you the way to find your life partner. There are many people in the world who are getting frustrated of not getting the right life partner for marriage. If you or some of your known facing such problem then dont worry because we are here with some of the quick tips so that you can find your life partner easily. So, try some of this Astro tips if you are facing problem in your marriage-

Wear yellow clothes on thursday and white on Friday.

The fast of 16 mondays is effective for both girls and boys. Pray to lord Shiva, Parvati and worship them.

Offer Red Chunni, bangles and sindur at the time of prayinglord shiva and parvati.

Offering of  green grass to cow daily will help in bringing peace to your stars.

monday tips: Donate 1200gms yellow gram lentils and 1250ml of raw milk.

When boy and girl are to be met then they should be seated facing towards south directions.

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